Aggie Wu is an Executive Field Director with Premier Financial Alliance (PFA). She became a life insurance agent through PFA in 2014, as a new graduate without any prior background in financial services. Through years of hard work and determination, Aggie emerged as one of the top personal and team producers and achieved many of the company’s most prestigious awards and recognitions. She is a 15 Diamonds earner with multiple PFA Most Valuable Player (MVP) acknowledgments, and a three-time National Life Group (NLG) Diamond Club Member. Amongst all of her success, one of Aggie’s greatest achievements is being able to build a team nationwide and helping many of them excel and achieve financial success through the company’s platform, mentorship, and her guidance. Above all, Aggie is a leader who embodies humility, humbleness, and perseverance. She’s an advocate of self-improvement, believes in family values, and continues to lead by example through her work ethic and dedication. She attributes her success to PFA’s opportunity platform, mentors, and every leader who played a role in her success.

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