"“BUILDING PEOPLE TO LEAD THEIR LIVES” Before joining PFA, Hermie Bacus worked as a Civil Engineer in Silicon Valley. However, he lost everything in the market crash of 2008 and filed for bankruptcy. Hermie has now been with Premier Financial Alliance (PFA) for eight years. Using PFA’s platform and proven system, he coaches and mentors people to build their own insurance agency. Hermie’s success stems from CEO and Founder of PFA, David Carroll’s, and Executive Field Chairman, Jack Wu’s mentorship. He also owes his achievements at PFA to Team ELITE and PFA’s “value-driven leadership” that created the most amazing environment and culture. Hermie started PFA in April 2013. However, he quit - but not for long! He rejoined on July 15, 2013. In the first 12 months, his team produced $820,187 in Target Paid premium, and in 2020 his team produced $25,798,140. Today, he is paying it forward and helping mentor over 70 PFA associates. Team ELITE is becoming a force in the financial industry because of its vision, mission, and core values.

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